Brian MahoneyCHOOSING A REALTOR is just like choosing a contractor to do work on your home. For the same reason you would not attempt building your own swimming pool, you should also refer to a professional to sell your home.

A skilled, qualified Realtor brings tremendous value to the process. You’re relying on this Realtor on many different levels, so be careful to select someone with the right combination of education, experience, performance and local insight. Look for a proven expert who can cast a wide marketing net and attract as many potential buyers as possible.

Be sure to let your agent know the particulars of your situation. Perhaps you need to sell within a certain time frame, are relocating out of state, are facing foreclosure or any host of personal or financial reasons. You need to Trust your Realtor, and by keeping an open and honest dialogue, it helps set the path for the best way to proceed. It also ensures that your needs are met, and ultimately contributes to a successful transaction.

You also need to be able contact your Realtor when you need or have questions for them. Fortunately this trait will show up very early in the process and you will know pretty quickly what type of service you can expect to receive by how quick the don’t answer. You want to find a Realtor who is willing to work around YOUR busy schedule, not you around theirs. We all want and deserve great customer service, so demand it.

The interview process will not take long as you will see very quickly who has a “sales pitch” and who truly has an interest in assisting you in selling your home for the best possible terms and price. They will listen to what you are saying, be willing to educate if asked, respond with facts, know the area well and never make you feel rushed.

You will be relying on this person for many things during this time and so choose wisely.
For more information on Buying a home, such as Title Insurance, Inspections, and Choosing a REALTOR, check out Buying A Home

FACT= There are roughly 200 typical actions, duties, processes, negotiations, research steps and review stages necessary for a successful residential real estate transaction. So it’s not just listing or marketing that a Realtor does during the course of a transaction.



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